Helpful Tips for Taking Care of Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids offer millions of people a way to enhance their engagement with the world and their loved ones. Aids are sophisticated devices that come in a range of options (in-the-ear (ITE), behind-the-ear (BTE), and in-the-canal (ITC)) and designs. In addition, today’s advanced technology provides increasingly innovative solutions for better hearing. Your Sarasota and Longboat Key Audiologist […]

The Long-Term Benefits of Wearing Hearing Aids

Let’s face it. When people face diminishing hearing, they often share that they feel anxious and embarrassed at the prospect of wearing hearing aids. I allow my patients to openly express these feelings, as they are a normal way to process. Anytime we have a transition in our health and wellness that necessitates decisions we didn’t foresee, it’s natural to […]