About Us

Hearing Aids of Sarasota was established with a culture that is based on doing what is right for every patient that walks through the door. The reputation for providing the most trustworthy and best quality of care to patients for over 40 years in the Sarasota and Manatee counties of Florida.

Our mission has always been to provide the best care and technologies for each individual and to fit them with evidence-based best practices. Together, we determine the most appropriate treatment plan for you.

Plain and simple: Dr. Breese wouldn’t be where she is today without the roll her “Granddad the greatest” played in her life. A late Navy Veteran, he was (and always will be) her anchor. Dr. Breese’s Granddad believed in her and gave her the mindset of always doing what is right for every individual, believing in herself with her drive, her passions, and her dreams. 

Hearing Aids of Sarasota will be your anchor in all of your hearing healthcare needs so that you can achieve honest, caring, patient-centered, evidence-based, up-to-date treatment and education. 

Dr. Breese believes in finding the best solution for each patient that comes to Hearing Aids of Sarasota. Sometimes proper programming of current technology is all that is needed to improve hearing and quality of life. While technology and hearing device technology is important, the hearing healthcare provider you work with plays the utmost important role.

A Word From Our Patients

I’m leaving a 5-star review for Dr. Kelly Breese of Hearing Aids of Sarasota.

My hearing aids are almost 4 years old and it was time for an adjustment. Dr. Kelly checked my hearing, re-programmed the aids, and made new earmolds for a better fit. Dr. Kelly is very friendly, thorough, and tech-savvy. She explained every step as we went along. I love how I’m hearing now! The office is conveniently located on Siesta Drive and there is plenty of parking.
A Past Patient

We have now had our hearing aids for about two months. It is a game changer. I would recommend her to anyone.

We knew we probably had some hearing loss, but ignored it for some time. We just really didn’t know who to go to. We also knew very little about hearing aids. Hearing Aids of Sarasota are incredible. Dr. Kelly is so knowledgeable. She explains everything you need to know to make decisions throughout. Very patient oriented. We felt confident about her abilities from the start. We have now had our hearing aids for about two months. It is a game changer. I would recommend her to anyone. Nancy, who will answer the phone when you call is delightful and always helpful.